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Where do we go to find Hyperion training classes?

Oracle Hyperion classes are available through Oracle University:

Hyperion training classes and self-study cds can be found under the Hyperion Category in the Category drop down box located at the top right corner of the page.  Hyperion is split into a few main subcategories. Each one of these subcategories contains multiple products:

Financial Consolidation contains all HFM and Hyperion Enterprise classes.
Data Management Hyperion FDM, DIM
Budget Planning Hyperion Planning
Reporting Financial Reporting, Interactive Reporting, Smart View
Analytics Essbase, Web Analysis

Course details and schedules can be found by either clicking on the course link or by using the course details tabs.

Additionally, Oracle Knowledge Center is dedicated to e-learning resources. This section of the site delivers hours of product and non-product related content in a self-paced format. The center includes Hyperion product information courses such as introductory product presentations and demos (e.g. Essbase, HFM, FDM), new features (e.g. Smart View 9.3 New Features) and client case studies.


Additional training options include: