HUGMn Board

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President:   Tim Brophy,   Best Buy

The President functions as the HUGMn spokesperson. The President facilitates HUGMn member and Board meetings.

Vice President: (2-year term)   Open

The Vice President is responsible for assisting and supporting the President in all capacities, as well as assuming the responsibilities of the President if he/she should be unavailable.  The Vice President also may identify one or more objectives for the group to focus during his or her term such as increasing the group's membership or improving meetings and participation. 

Marketing & Communications Coordinator:   Jim Farley,   Honeywell

The Marketing and Communications Coordinator is responsible for the development and maintenance of the HUGMN Web site and HUGMn promotions.

Meeting Coordinator and Treasurer:     Liz Turner,  Agribank

The Meeting Coordinator is responsible for the scheduling, planning, and coordination of all HUGMN meetings. This person will garner the speakers as well. 

The Treasurer will have the care and custody of all monies and financial records belonging to the HUGMN.  He or she will cause such monies to be deposited at a depository selected by the Board and will disburse the same at the direction of the Board.  All checks shall require the signatures of two members of the Board of Directors.  He or she shall perform such other duties and have such other authority as may be delegated by the members and the Board of Directors.

Membership Coordinator:   Jim Farley,   Honeywell

The Membership Coordinator is responsible maintaining a current list of members.

Oracle Liaison:   D. J.  Hoelscher,  Oracle Training

The Oracle Liaison is an employee of Oracle Corporation who has responsibilities associated with the focus of the HUGMN and is interested in the topics addressed by this group. 

Advisory Board Members:   

Scott Stevenson,   eCapital


Randy Schmitz,  Ranzal


Guy Collins (Ameriprise Financial)