Hyperion User Group Mn  (HUGmn)

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Welcome to the Hyperion Users Group Minnesota (HUGmn) Website.  

HUGmn exists to give those that use Oracle EPM software (aka Hyperion) the connections and knowledge they need to become - or remain - experts and power users. Members don't need to go looking for innovators, because innovators are members, too.  

By bringing together those who develop and those who implement and use, HUGmn ensures that its constituency is well-rounded and makes the best use of its software and people.

Officially integrated in early 2008, HUGmn is comprised of  250 Oracle EPM customer members from 93 Companies, and 90 Consulting Partner members from 29 Companies


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Another successful HUGmn TechDay Event - - thanks to all participants.  Please continue to monitor the Presentations page for TechDay presentation information.